Kari Rarámuri

The Rarámuri are the First Nation People of the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, Mexico. They live in remote villages in the Sierra and in the canyons, also known as the Copper Canyon.

Kari Rarámuri (House of the Rarámuri) is a community based group that supports Kari Igomari Niwara, (House of the Women), a Rarámuri women’s society. The society was formed by Rarámuri women in 1992 to counteract the social exclusion and discrimination they felt due to the fact that they were women, poor, and indigenous people. The society has a variety of projects which work to preserve the Rarámuri culture and improve their lives by developing women as leaders, educating their communities, and raising money.

  • School project:  Biniwami Rarámuri Niwara (The Lesson is Ours) is the first nationally recognized indigenous school established in Mexico. This community elementary school teaches all basic subjects as well as Rarámuri language, culture and traditions.
  • Crafts Store project: Two cooperative stores run and staffed by Rarámuri women where they sell their handmade crafts.  All items are made in the traditional ways.
  • Community store project: Two community stores where staple food items are sold.  The objective is to bring affordable food items into their community.
  • Literacy project for women:  “From woman to woman we learn more.”  A group of educated Rarámuri women teach young and old women to read and write.  They also teach general health, reproductive health, and domestic violence prevention.

Kari Rarámuri believes in kórima (sharing) with this first nation.

Latest Work

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2008 Journey

We provided foods and clothing..

2007 Journey

We provided foods and clothing..

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Kari Rarámuri is fiscally sponsored by the Latgawa Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, #93-0804051. All contributions are tax-deductible.

If you would like to help donate, please send your tax-deductible contributions by check payable to: José Rodríguez

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Kari Rarámuri journeys to the Sierra Tarahumara every year. All who travel pay for their own expenses and help out with transportation.
José Rodríguez, Chicano Rarámuri O’dami
(email: oneoso831@gmail.com ), (831) 540-5560
María Esther Rodríguez, Chicana Purépecha Otomí
(email: mecrl@sbcglobal.net )
James Starkewolfe, North Star
(email:latgawa@aol.com ), (831) 663-1354